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Sunday, December 30, 2018


theusmagazine:com: Thanks for talking to us. First off; who is Endvisible?

EndvisibleThanks for talking to me as well! To start, Endvisible is my way of presenting a new concept to the world of electronic music. I see a distinct lack of progression and experimentation in today's popular EDM, and I want to provide somebody, somewhere, with what I think is missing.

theusmagazine:com: Tell the people a bit more about your background.

EndvisibleI'm a somewhat eccentric high schooler from North Carolina. I grew up listening to a lot of rock and roll and heavy metal, and I always wanted to form a band. The band thing never came to fruition, but I started listening to Excision back in 2012, and it sounded like electronic metal to me, so I simply asked, "Why not?"

theusmagazine:com: The production on most of your tracks seem so simple yet remarkable; what was your decision behind that?

EndvisibleMost of my songs start with a basic concept, and I work with it from there to make it mine. When I make a song, the outcome has to scream, "Endvisible," even if it's instrumental.

theusmagazine:com: What are some of your goals in the music industry?

EndvisibleWhen was the last time you heard a dubstep song with a hook or melody in an odd time signature? Also, when was the last time you heard an album with over five genres of EDM from a single artist? I like taking risks. The risks I take make my music harder to swallow than most, but I love making memorable music that's more than your typical four-on-the-floor banger. I hope to see a more complex subgenre of EDM take off and improve what we hear on the front page.

theusmagazine:com: How can people hear your stuff?

EndvisibleMy music is available, in its entirety, on YouTube and Bandcamp, but you can also find my official releases on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, Deezer, Napster; the list goes on. Here are some links that you may find useful:

YouTube: HERE
Bandcamp: HERE
Spotify: HERE
Amuse: HERE

Thank you to Endvisible for taking the time for an interview. Check out the music and show your support to independent musicians.

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